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EyeTutor is an interactive video system that allows you to provide, within the optical center, full information to its users about the products. Through the displaing of the type of lens with video and interactive multimedia content, EyeTutor supports the work of the optician to give a visual solution. EyeTutor infact, using the communicative power of animation, of the videos and slide shows that real cases and practical use of specific lens,It supports the sales staff and optics optometrist in technical explanations.

EyeTutor is immediate and it is a subsidy that allows to explain to the consumer even more simply the technical aspects in a visual way. The optometrist, as well, is supported in order to show in the best way to the consumers the significance of the treatments, the geometry of construction or other characteristics of the lenses that will be proposed.

EyeTutor is therefore of fundamental importance in the proposed progressive lenses, as it allows to explain to the customer the difference between lenses of different types, different levels of technology and cost.

EyeTutor is customized for the individual optical center. The same optometrist can insert personal pictures and slides (including advertising) that run in rotation.

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